In a Feb. 19 letter, the writer says I have the “Trump derangement syndrome.” I agree. I experience “derangement” each time I see a miscarriage of justice because of politics and money. I have a “derangement” today because Trump has pardoned several of his fellow crooks and con artists. I have “derangement” every time I see Trump and other Republicans who have been no closer to combat than a drunken frat party insulting a highly decorated, combat-wounded Army officer whose only “crime” was telling the truth. I wonder if the writer has ever experienced a threat to his career or been prosecuted for speaking out and telling the truth? Has he ever voluntarily risked his life to try to save others?

I don't know the education level of the writer. However, as well as my memory recalls, 72 years ago (1947), when I was in the fifth grade in a tiny East Texas school, I'm pretty sure I knew the difference between the words “presumed” and “declared.” The fact is that so-called Senate Majority Leader “Moscow Mitch” McConnell declared that Trump would be acquitted even before the trial began.

I also don't know if the writer has children. I have a daughter and a granddaughter. Suppose one of them were raped and murdered. Also, suppose the one responsible for allowing these murders was on trial and the foreperson of the jury declared this perp innocent before the trial began. This is the actual guilt of Trump. He held up defense aid to the Ukraine for political purposes and allowed the Russians to rape and murder Ukrainians with little opposition.

If your readers have children, consider this question: Would you like for your son to grow up and be just like Trump, with his 13,000 lies, being a predator, vulgar, arrogant, and anti-American? Would you like for your daughter to date and marry someone like a younger Trump? If your answer is “no”, you might have the “Trump derangement syndrome.”.

Carl L. Hess


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