Trump’s fighting for all of us — and winning

Carl Hess’ Dec. 29 letter is dreadfully biased. He seems to agree with the ridiculous statement by law professor Michael Gerhardt that President Trump’s conduct was “worse than the misconduct of any prior president.”

Really? Does he even know that Lyndon Johnson directed the CIA to spy on his presidential opponent? What about when Franklin Roosevelt directed the IRS to conduct audits on his political enemies? And what about when President Kennedy directed his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, to deport one of his mistresses as an East German spy?

If that’s not enough, Presidents John Adams and Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. Roosevelt signed an executive order that interned 120,000 Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor. There are other examples, but these make the necessary point.

The broad statements and platitudes by biased individuals simply don’t hold water and are made without any real context. What we’re seeing here is a visceral hatred of Donald Trump. He’s not a Republican gentleman who allows himself to be steamrolled by the left. He’s fighting for all of us, and at this point, he’s winning — for all of us, even those who hate him with a passion.

Richard McCuistian


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