Every once in a while, Trump tells the truth, usually inadvertently. During his rally in North Carolina recently, he stated that "evangelicals" are more religious than Democrats. I agree. The members of the Taliban are also more religious than Democrats. I doubt that many Democrats would fly a plane into a building or continue to support a so-called president who says he could walk out in a street and shoot someone and his followers wouldn't care. Most Democrats also wouldn't continue to support a president who has contempt for the teachings of Jesus.

Some have said that Trump is like the late Adolf Hitler. That's partially true. Like Hitler, Trump is sadistic, has no respect for human life, envisions himself as a military genius, lies without ceasing, has no respect for treaties, uses hate and bigotry to impress his followers, thinks God put him in office.

Hitler was different from Trump in a few ways. He didn't get his daddy to bribe a doctor to keep him out of combat during wartime. He didn't brag about assaulting women. He knew that education and infrastructure were necessary for the national defense. During his final days, as the Russian army was closing in on his bunker, he ordered his generals to destroy Berlin themselves (an order they ignored). On the other hand, Trump set about destroying America from his first day in office, trashing the environment, voiding regulations, building huge deficits with his welfare for the rich, promoting ignorance, refusing to appoint competent people, in bed with our enemies.

Carl Hess


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