A recent left-wing letter to this paper compared President Trump to Hitler, a usual tactic used by the Left to disparage those they disagree with. Unlike Hitler, who started World War II, resulting in the deaths of more than 60 million people, President Trump, in coalition with allies, destroyed a murderous mob of 7 th century religious fanatics and freed thousands from terror and slavery.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and flourishing in the Democrat (Socialist) party. For the last three years many of the party faithful, unable to accept their side lost the 2016 election, have rabidly followed a singular path to usurp power from the rightful winner. So involved in this so far failed crusade they have forgotten why they are in D.C., which is to do the business of the American people. Thankfully for the rest of us President Trump has kept the ship righted and our fortunes growing through all opposition party adversity.

So enraged that their scheme to turn this country into a Third World socialist utopia has been thwarted by a flawed but truly American opponent, they are now showing their true colors on the campaign trail. They have vowed to bring draconian taxes to the wealthy that help grow our economy with jobs and tax the middle class who sustain it including the retirement that middle class has saved. Taxing you is the only way they can enact their social justice programs for their unwilling-to-work base and illegal alien future voters. They have vowed to strip you of your constitutional rights to self-protect, including making laws to allow a mother to choose death for an unwanted baby in the delivery room. They want to regulate every aspect of your lives. Vote next year like your very freedoms depend on it, because they do.

Larry Brown

Fort Rucker

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