After hearing the debate on statewide Amendment One in a forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters, I came away with even more resolve to vote NO on Amendment 1.

Larry Lee, an opponent of the amendment, gave a convincing argument as to why one should not give up their "right to vote" to the governor, who would be in charge of appointing a state school "commission." (At first glance, the ballot language would lead you to believe you are simply voting on changing the name of the State Board of Education to a "commission.") We have already seen the mess the appointed Charter School Board has made, so why would we want to give the governor the authority to appoint our state Board of Education members?

State Sen. Greg Albritton, who spoke in favor of the amendment, gave misleading information in his argument, stating that appointed boards produce better academic achievements. There is no evidence to prove this. (Education Commission of the States, 50-State Review State Education Governance Structures: 2017 Update, Aug 2017.) And for those of you who hate Common Core and think this amendment will do away with it, think again. Sen. Albritton said it would be up to the discretion of the new appointed "commission" whether to keep Common Core or do away with it.

I agree that our educational system is in a mess. But, do you really want to give up your right to vote for your state School Board member to a governor when they have proven by the appointment of the Charter School Board that appointed boards do not solve our problems? Perhaps the answer is to return to the traditional curriculum we were using before implementing Common Core. At least we ranked 26th in the nation instead of dead last.

Vote NO on Statewide Amendment 1.

Virginia Howard


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