Please allow me to express my gratitude to Kim at Red Lobster for turning in my wallet that I left on our table by mistake. I didn’t realize that my wallet was missing until I was back home (25 miles away.) I quickly called to report my loss to the restaurant and was assured that my wallet had been found and was secure in the manager’s office. For that I am thankful as well as finding that everything, including cash, was just as I had left it. So much time would have been needed to replace the cards, etc. inside my wallet and I am happy that I will not have to deal with that aggravation.

So many times, waiters and waitresses receive a bad rap for service, food, etc. I wanted to make sure, in this case, that Kim at Red Lobster in Dothan, Alabama, received acknowledgement for going above and beyond the normal realm of service and is noted for a job well done.

Eugene Goolsby


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