What is wrong when a man is convicted of murder, sentenced to death, then 18 years later is allowed to plead guilty and is given his freedom?

This is what happened recently in Ozark. The man was of the murderer of Margaret Snellgrove. This lady had given the man work around her home. He showed his appreciation by killing her and driving her body all over town before throwing it in a ditch.

Margaret was a widow who cared for her handicapped brother. This sometimes meant traveling to Malvern from Ozark several times a week. Margaret grew up and went to school in Malvern. Those who knew her and even those who did not are disgusted by the outcome of this situation.

We ask again, what is wrong when a man can murder a person, be sentenced to death, yet be set free? Wake up, America! You may not be as safe as you think you are.

James and Linda Bedsole


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