Was the restructuring of the Dothan schools a colossal mistake?

Who is running our town of Dothan? Do the commissioners and mayor, or do school superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards, school board Chairman Mike Schmitz, and the other school board members?

The superintendent and the board of education made a drastic reorganization of the Dothan schools without a vote of the people. What was the motive for the restructure? Was it to make the schools more conducive for learning or was it for a sports or real estate agenda?

It certainly is questionable that putting 12- and 13-year-olds in a group of 1,800 students will help the average student learn. Was assigning all the high schoolers to one school for the promotion of learning or for sports teams we could brag about? Is it a good thing to bus elementary students from the big area of both Cloverdale and Grandview schools?

The make-up of a community is often the result of a school zone. Families often buy homes according to the school zone.

Most of the people would probably be willing to accept a new tax for the regrouping of the schools if they felt it would help the students learn better. However, many consider the new school organization poor and it will be a sore sport for them.

Will the $15 million bond approved by the board of education this summer and the $11.9 million bond approved in October be enough to cover the cost of the restructure?

It is no wonder there is a shortage of funds. How much money was needed for the reorganization of the schools and the addition of extra buses and extra bus drivers? How much money was lost from the state with the withdrawal of the 333 students? The request for a new tax would naturally follow.

Was the restructuring of the Dothan schools a good thing or a colossal mistake? The school board did not bring it to a vote of the people.

Myrna Locke


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