The incredible inroads that global communism made in transforming the United States of America since the days of the New Deal is approaching a point where it may not be reversed.

Our major institutions are dominated by left-leaning ideologues from academia, journalism, entertainment, and religion to even the bulwarks of capitalism, where slavish devotion to political correctness, multiculturalism, and diversity has undermined traditional American values of patriotism, individual responsibility, merit, and national unity.

Globalists led by former Nazi collaborator and multibillionaire George Soros seek “open borders” by which a wealthy elite will control economies and dictate how people shall live.

The flood of bogus “refugees” into America is designed to wipe the last vestiges of the America we know and love. As instructed by Soros and other globalist masters, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton opened the gates for Islamists and Latin Americans to carry out the transformation that will end the American way of life as we know it.

With the entrenchment of the abortion industry and its subsidization by taxpayers, America has unwittingly embraced a practice that may ultimately lead to its demise. A nation that kills its infants in utero is one that mocks God and his greatest creation, life itself. Our nation cannot endure under the weight of such evil and sin. Thankfully, there are encouraging signs that younger Americans are taking a second look at this horrible practice, which began as genocide against black Americans and the disabled. We must become a nation that is truly pro-life in every way if the United States is to survive.

Judi Jay


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