During the 50 years I trained to fight our enemies, fought, and trained others to fight, our main adversaries were Russia and its surrogates, such as North Vietnam and North Korea. Now, the only friends Trump has are countries ruled by murderous despots, such as North Korea and Saudi Arabia. He is busy making enemies of our former allies, such as the UK.

Last week, he called the British ambassador a fool. Trump calling someone a fool is like a skunk complaining about someone's lack of deodorant. His love affair/campaign rally with the "dear leader" of North Korea reminds me of history. Two generals were fired by presidents during the 1900s -- Douglas MacArthur and John Singlaub. Both were fired because of Korea.

Singlaub is a highly decorated combat veteran of three wars, a founding member of the CIA, and my former student. After he was fired as chief of staff in Korea but before he was forced to retire, I talked with him in Panama. He said the president had assured him he would get no more promotions. And, he added, "But I can sleep at night" (knowing he had voiced his concerns about Korea). He was willing to give up the likelihood of another star in defense of America.

What a contrast we see with Trump. He is willing to sell out America in order to stroke his own ego, satisfy his lust for money and political power, no matter who he hurts. He is trashing the environment, promoting hate, and creating the highest monthly deficits in our history.

Thanks to Trump, no previous president will be rated the worst in history.

Carl Hess


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