A Nov. 12 editorial column by Hugh Hewitt is titled "How the Senate can stop a purely partisan impeachment."

A purely partisan impeachment? What a shock and surprise! What would Trump have to do to convince any Republican in either house of congress to vote against him? These spineless, gutless, heartless creatures apparently are afraid to check news reports each day for fear that Trump has tweeted about them — for good reason. After all, look at former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. No one groveled more for Trump during the campaign than Sessions. Then, he (Sessions) was thrown under the bus, and Trump not only poked fun at Sessions, but the state from which he came, Alabama. And Sessions is still groveling and Alabama still supports Trump.

Why are Republicans so anxious to expose the whistleblower? Is it because they need more information? Nope. It's what any major crime family does. They expose the one who "rats them out" for their evil deeds, knowing it will endanger the lives of the whistleblower and his family and this would serve as a deterrent to others who might be tempted to act like a patriot or law-abiding citizen.

One of the most important characteristics of a leader, whether in a high political office or in the military, is to take the blame when things go wrong and give praise and credit to subordinates when things go well. Former President Harry Truman had a little sign on his desk that declared "The buck stops here." Gen. Dwight Eisenhower prepared two speeches before "D" Day — one was for a successful mission conclusion and the other was for mission failure. In the one for mission failure, he made it clear that he took full responsibility.

When have you seen Trump take responsibility for any of his acts, such as stealing $2 million from a charity?

Carl L. Hess, CW4 (USA Retired)


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