I attended a funeral recently and started thinking about this in the middle of the night. Who likes to attend funerals? No one I know. So why do we do it? Out of respect, of course. We stand as the mourning family enters the sanctuary. We stand when the casket is taken out and the mourning family exits.

We stand out of respect when a bride is escorted down the aisle as the Bridal March is played, and we stand when the bride and groom are officially married and exit as one instead of two as the Wedding March begins.

But it's acceptable to refuse to stand when our National Anthem is played or sung? Really? We may not like the way certain things are in this world, and we may not like certain people, but respect is not the same as liking or disliking.

Where has our respect gone, and why are so many people disrespectful? It's almost as if those in charge don't even know what to do with those who are not showing respect (hint, hint....coaches, team owners, parents, the general public, and fans who generate all the money).

It seems to me like it's not that difficult a decision to make, but no one will make it. Because, gosh, we'd hate to offend anyone.

Kim Brown


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