COVID-19 is a historical event unfolding at a slow enough pace that people have recognized that we might not be able to stop it but we can document our personal histories of it.

Some teachers have asked students to keep journals or diaries about their actions, thoughts, and feelings during this time. Individuals with a literary bent, too, are writing journals, blogs, and other memoirs that researchers in the future will cherish for their detailed look into the daily life of the people.

This effort will mean little if no one keeps these records. Therefore, the Wiregrass Archives at Troy University Dothan Campus offers to be the permanent home for journals, diaries, and memoirs you produce about life in the time of COVID-19.

For more information, contact me (the Director of the Wiregrass Archives) via email at

We can document how the Wiregrass weathered this storm by working together with an eye toward informing and educating our descendants.

Martin T. Olliff


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