The final college football game of the weekend ended after 3 a.m. Sunday and my sleepy eyes watched to the bitter end before submitting my AP Top 25 selections for this week.

Washington and California were playing into the wee hours of the morning due to a weather delay of two hours and 38 minutes that began in the first quarter. With Washington being my No. 10-ranked team going into the game – and ranked 14 th in the AP poll – there was no hitting the send button and shutting down the computer until California pulled the 20-19 upset on a short field goal with eight seconds left.

My Top 5: As much as I was tempted to bump LSU up, I stuck with the same ones that I had penciled in for the preseason poll and after Week 1: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Oklahoma in that order. I just couldn’t convince myself to move down either one of those five after they had taken care of business in convincing manner. Had any of the five stumbled just a bit, I would have moved LSU into the grouping. Turns out, enough voters did push LSU into the Top 5 at the No. 4 slot.

Rounding out Top 10: I kept LSU at No. 6 and Michigan at No. 7 after both gained nice wins. LSU winning at Texas was certainly impressive, but the Bengal Tigers were the favorite going in, so I didn’t feel compelled to move them up. Michigan had to go into overtime to beat Army, but that is a solid Army team I had ranked at No. 22 last week. Auburn, despite a less-than-inspiring win over Tulane, moved up a spot to No. 8 in my rankings, and moved two spots to No. 8 as well in the AP poll. Utah and Florida round out my Top 10.

The next five: Texas, my No. 10 team last week, just dropped to No. 11, followed by Penn State, Notre Dame, Oregon and Wisconsin. Keep an eye on Oregon in the coming weeks.

Just behind: Texas A&M is my No. 16 team after the loss at Clemson, the same spot in the AP rankings. I followed with Washington State, Michigan State, Iowa and Maryland, who entered my rankings after slamming Syracuse.

The final 5: I have Army at 21, followed by UCF, California, after its nice win at Washington, Boise State and Virginia.

In and out: The three teams I dropped this week were Washington, Syracuse and Stanford. The three teams I brought in were Maryland, California and Virginia.

Jon’s Top 25: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan, Auburn, Utah, Florida, Texas, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Washington State, Michigan State, Iowa, Maryland, Army, UCF, California, Boise State, Virginia.

AP Top 25: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Auburn, Florida, Michigan, Utah, Texas, Penn State, Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas, UCF, Michigan State, Iowa, Washington State, Maryland, Boise State, Washington, Southern Cal, Virginia.

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