SHANGHAI, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tao Beauty & Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce (TBCCC) held its annual celebration and conference themed "Borderless Development and Co-creation" in Shanghai between January 4 and 6, 2020. At the invitation of the organizer, over ten industry experts attended the event at which they engaged in in-depth discussions on several of the industry's hottest topics, including platform strategies, product category trends and brand marketing, as well as approaches to borderless development. In addition, the global brand fair which was concurrently held by TBCCC with the conference set a new record in terms of visitor numbers.

The focus on borderless development helps create a harmonious yet competitive ecosystem for the beauty and cosmetics sector

"Through cooperation with service channel retailers, retail platforms, multichannel network companies, celebrities, brands and agents, creating a solution that integrates facilities, R&D resources and capital, as well as facilitates collaboration between industry players and governments, TBCCC plans to make business more simple and focused in 2020 by effectively connecting each player across the industry chain with the resources they need," said TBCCC president Jian Weiqing when he delivered an opening speech at the conference on January 4. "TBCCC also expects to provide global peers with the latest technologies and expertise in the Chinese beauty and cosmetics market while bringing premium resources from overseas to the domestic market through participation in multinational exchange events."

Notably, TBCCC launched the TBCCC app in May 2019, on the tenth anniversary of the chamber's formation, providing industry practitioners with a number of one-stop services, including resource connection, first-hand information and industry training.

This year's brand fair hits a new record with over 20,000 visitors

Over 1,000 beauty and cosmetics brands from around the world showcased over 5,000 products at TBCCC's brand fair held from January 5 to 6, attracting hundreds of thousands of omni-channel retailers seeking new business opportunities.

Over 90 per cent of the participating brands debuted never-before-seen products at the brand fair. The event is bound to attract the attention of and be valued by a growing number of Chinese and international beauty and cosmetics brands and serve as the first platform through which they enter the Chinese market and connect with Chinese online retailers in a market segment with substantial opportunity for growth.

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