Second Samuel Movie

"Second Samuel" director Wayne Patterson watches a monitor as Scott Kennedy films actor Hamilton Sage during a pre-production shoot in 2018.

The past two weekends have been big for those involved in filming “Second Samuel,” an independent movie made in Dothan area and featuring locals in the crew and cast.

Saturday, the movie won four awards at the Southeast Regional Film Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, including the top prize in the festival’s feature film category – a prize that comes with a distribution offer. Directed by Dothan resident Wayne Patterson and produced through iHysm Studios, “Second Samuel” won Best Feature Film, Most Original Feature Film, and Best Acting (an overall cast award). Patterson won a runner-up award for directing.

“Second Samuel” also won two awards at the London International Motion Picture Awards on May 25.

Sherri Lipscomb, an associate producer on the film, said the film festivals have been surreal for those involved in the movie. And while the Jacksonville festival prize includes a distribution offer, Lipscomb said filmmakers don’t know any details on the offer.

“In the next couple of weeks we will get a contract offer, a distribution offer,” Lipscomb said. “We don’t know who it will be from and we don’t know how much it will be … We don’t know if it’s going to make us laugh or cry or sign on the dotted line.”

It will be up to filmmakers and their investors whether to accept the offer, she said.

Production and distribution partners listed with the Southeast Regional Film Festival included Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Los Angeles-based Leomark Studios, Global Genesis Group and 2 Tree Films, whose owner is the director of the Southeast Regional Film Festival.

Needless to say, waiting for the offer is a bit of a nail-biter.

“It’s incredibly exciting and nerve-racking,” Lipscomb said. “It makes you wonder not only what’s coming from them but what that could mean about what comes next.”

In the meantime, Lipscomb said filmmakers are moving forward with plans to attend other events such as the invitation-only Film-Com later this month in Nashville. Unlike film festivals, Film-Com is designed for filmmakers looking to secure distribution for their projects. On July 27, “Second Samuel” will be screened during the New Hope Film Festival held in New Hope, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.

“Second Samuel” is based on the stage play by Pamela Parker.

Set in the late 1940s in the small Georgia town of Second Samuel, the story unfolds through the eyes of a young man with autism named B-Flat as he corresponds by letter with President Harry S. Truman (portrayed in the movie by grandson Clifton Truman Daniel). Beloved piano teacher Miss Gertrude has died, and her death has revealed a secret that sends small town reeling.

The movie stars professional actors Hamilton Sage, Bethany Anne Lind (who won an acting award in London), E. Roger Mitchell, Seth Michaels and Stan Houston, along with a cast of local actors.

“What would be next in a perfect world would be we sell the distribution rights to ‘Second Samuel’ for enough money to make sure our investors get a return on their investment and do it again,” Lipscomb said. “We absolutely would love to make more films and we would love to make more films in the Wiregrass.”

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