Here's an idea: get the homeless people to help count themselves and then you don't have to bother working folks to do it for free.

We're supposed to believe that you and your free loading type actually pays taxes? Paying $5k and getting an $8k "refund" means you're a net drain on the system.

Mechanical issues are NOT suspected, that's the propaganda line disingenuous organizations like yours are pushing.

They killed thousands with IEDs in Iraq and then shot down a US aircraft. Then attacked our embassy before we fought back. Now they're attacking again but you call it "striking back". Got it, guess you get added to the list too.

What kind of idiots take a vacay to Mexico these days?

bobdole4u2 commented on Disgusted with GOP

I can think of several liberal types who literally desecrated the Flag and would the Constitution if they could find a hard copy.

bobdole4u2 commented on Disgusted with GOP

What's new, Carl? Nothing from you registers as coherent thought.

With a church or religious center on every block, it's near impossible to start up anything other than a niche retail boutique that will be out of business in 5 years.

She's probably one of those women that hides her largeness and then surprise! I'm here and you get to deal with it!

Milk was a pedophile who liked young, run away boys.

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