Ernest T Bass

Ernest T Bass commented on ‘I will not comply’

Keep voting for democrats and soon our cities and towns will be like San Francisco and Los Angeles, that is all our streets will have the pungent aroma of socialism. Eh? [beam]

Ernest T Bass commented on ‘I will not comply’

To my recollection some years ago Rudy Giuliani , then mayor of New York City had the same problem of shootings. He started the "stop and frisk policy" or law. This seemed to get results among all the controversy among the bleeding hearts.. So far this past weekend I understand that Chica…

"In the last days God will be called evil, and evil will be called good." Isaiah 5:20

FYI: Google: Death by "Gun Control"

Eh? [innocent]

And still TDS abounds in most democrat minds. Hillary lost, get over it......geeze. Eh? [beam]

Nice try, but no cigar. My comment still stands and you know its true. Eh? [tongue]

Just an observation. I believe there are more American flags on the moon than you will find on the stage of a Democrat debate. Eh? [innocent]

The old abbreviations used years ago such as Ala, Tenn and so forth. The state of Illinois had such a perfect on and I believe it was aimed at its ignorant politicians. Ill for Illinois. Yeah I believe all their politicians are Ill. Eh? [innocent]

Ref. G. Gordon Liddy quote: "Why is it there are so many more horses' a---- than there horses." How true. Eh? [innocent]

Ernest T Bass commented on Appalled and angry

The way I see it is criminals do not care about gun laws. Committing murder is the least of their cares. Ref Chicago: I believe there were 46 people shot and 4 dead, this past week end alone. Chicago is supposed to have the most strict gun laws in the country, so why isn't it working. Peo…

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