You’re level of, let’s call it naivety, is hilarious. The judge’s job was to “merely preside over Trump’s impeachment trial.” How does a judge render justice when the accused was found NOT GUILTY??? You don’t have a clue of how the justice system works, do you? I am sorry for comparing yo…

You sound just like Hillary, Queen of Sore Losers. Jill Stein was a Russian agent. Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset. What ever happened to losing gracefully and moving on? Too many "participation trophies." When you find yourself devoid of facts for a civil argument you resort to name cal…

1. The Chief Justice was the judge. 2. The senate was the jury. 3. All are presumed innocent until proven guilty. These are the facts that you can't grasp. You must have missed your middle school Civics class!

Wow, scripture and then three lies in one short sentence. You must go to the same church as Nancy Pelosi; Holy Church of the Third Trimester..

EVERYONE is declared innocent before the trial begins. How stupid can a person get!

Typical fascist tactics!

Please point out the racist bias. If you’re saying that Robert Barr can be criticized because he is white but Eric Holder can’t be criticized because he is black then YOU are the racist!

Snopes says you are clearly a liar. Obama bent at the waste and Trump remained straight!

I have viewed both videos several times because I knew you go there. Bowing at the waist is a bow.

You mean like a Travel Ban? Isn’t that racist?

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