July 31? Are we reporting in the future now? Doesn't this mullet wrapper have an editor?

Why bother reporting this non-information incident?

Who do these people think they are? This is the United States of America! They don't tell me where I can go and what I can do! Screw them!

A step in the right direction, Kudos to the State of Alabama.

Lord, please watch over and protect her. Please guide the searchers in her direction so that she may be quickly found. Amen!

I'm so sorry for your loss! The loss of a child is perhaps the most devastating event that a parent can face. I didn't wait for my state to legislate measures to stop my children from that very dangerous practice, I taught them myself!

Martha Roby didn't deserve THIS term!!

No worries, cupcake, it's not gonna happen!! Go to your safe space and stay until 2024.

Good! We don't want them here! Now we don't get in trouble if we tell them to stay away.

Why is this reporter calling this dude "she"? This insanity has gotten out of hand!