NEW YORK, Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- It was in 2012 that singer Brian Evans sat down with his mother, Helen Marie Bousquet, and Mark Andrew Biltz to write a novel they had thought about for years. Although the world lost Helen Bousquet following a medical procedure gone wrong, Evans used notebooks of writings by his mother to see to it that she received legitimate credit in the book. Evans and Biltz set off to complete the book, feeling as though it was part of his mother's legacy.

"This was my mother's swan song, and we were never going to let her down," says Evans. Evans also recorded "Croonerman," and "Fast Car, Nascar," songs she wrote. Evans is in South America putting finishing touches on his latest music video, "A Beautiful Game," which co-stars Lou Diamond Phillips, ICE-T, RJ Mitte, and Carrot Top. It is the first jazz song ever to be written about soccer.

Evans has also penned the books "Savannah" with Theodore Hamby, and "The Funny Robbers," with Carrot Top manager Dan O'Leary, who the book had been written for.

After nearly seven years of almost-deals and ridding themselves of various individuals who seemed to put their foot into seeing the project developing, Evans persisted. As the former opening act for Joan Rivers, Evans took one thing away from his interactions with the late comic.

"Perseverance is the key to success, it's a long road, but once you get there it's worth it," says Evans.

Westwind Comics of Spain, who is distributed by Diamond Comics, has become that believer.

"Horrorscope," tells the story of a woman, who Evans wrote based on his mother, who is a psychic. After the Italian mafia see her calling the baseball action at Fenway Park while attending a game with her grandson, they follow her to her home. There, they threaten her that if she does not predict their forthcoming crimes, they aim to kill her. When they eventually do, the signs of the Zodiac have something to say about it when they are physically manifested for one purpose: to seek out those who slayed the woman.

"We always knew we had something extraordinary here, but company after company wanted us to change the story and we were having none of it," says Evans. "We could have signed five deals already, but they were always trying to change the story when the story is great as it is."

The novel is being adapted into a graphic novel through Westwind Comics and will be released in 2020.

"This is proof that when everyone tells you you're never going to get to the end of that rainbow, it is you who decides just when you want to quit," says Evans.

The book has already seen itself on the radar of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

"Mark my words, this story is coming, and when it does, the world will love it. Even if it did take years to get off the ground," Evans concludes.

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